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the origin of a tradition

the exclusivity of a Felsina pen

makes writing a unique experience

bronze and sterling silver


regenerated leather

craftsmanship combined with sustainability, in search of innovative materials and new designs


Just as the body of each pen is made from a single piece, the structure of our folders is obtained from a single cut, assembling each piece without use of seams. With the desire to use innovative and sustainable materials for the environment, we have achieved a line of regenerated leather products, seeking an innovative and minimalist design, taking advantage of the properties of a material that is soft to the touch but strong for everyday use. Each item is handmade in Italy.

lost wax casting

Each pen comes from a wax model, from which a cast is obtained for the casting of bronze or silver. This process makes it possible to create writing instruments with a revolutionary design, unique pieces that are not mass-produced, capable of responding to the specific needs of our customers.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

handmade marble

The use of exclusive and precious materials makes each Felsina writing instrument a unique object, characterized by grain and colors chosen by our artisans.

the bronze patina

the value of time

Silver 925 & Swarovski® crystal

the ideal combination


we enhance every detail

Felsina comes from the desire to combine design, craftsmanship and quality of materials. The pleasure in owning a timeless object, made of noble materials, destined to be kept and handed down is what inspires our work.

The continuous search for new design solutions is aimed at enhancing our pens to the fullest: by realizing the body of each writing instrument in a single element we have managed to achieve a purity of form, not affected by assembled elements, treating our creations as true and own sculptures.



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we are always evolving