Li-Jen Shih's King Kong Rhino at the Biennale di Architettura 2018 - the great "surviving hero" rhinoceros at the Marinaressa Garden

On the occasion of the 16th edition of the Venice International Architecture Exhibition, the Biennale hosted in the "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE" collateral section, the opera "King Kong Rhino" by the Chinese artist, sculptor and gallery owner Li-Jen Shih. The sculpture had previously been chosen as an annual theme at the Shanghai Art Fair in 2011 and had been installed in the main square of Kelti International Co in Taipei.


The artist has imprinted on paper with a Felsina pen the same rhinoceros symbol of culture and kindness in Chinese culture, marking the desire to witness its beauty and to make men aware of the theme and risk of extinction of rhinos in the world.


The particular ink used on our writing instruments allows to obtain a great fluidity in the drawing, controlling the thickness and the precision of the sign.

In the picture, the work King Kong Rhino moved from Venice and exhibited in the center of Bassano del Grappa on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Albrecht Dürer.

king kong rhino bassano.jpg